2023-12-30 | Company News

🌱✨ SUGARCANE PACKAGING - 100% Bio-based ✨🌱


We're thrilled to announced cosmetic packaging materials made from 100% Bio-based sugarcane material to replace traditional plastics.🌿


Derived from sugarcane, this material reduces reliance on traditional petroleum-based products, contributing to the well-being of our planet. By opting for 96% to 100% Bio-based sugarcane material, we're taking a step towards a future with a zero-carbon footprint.


Our team is committed to driving innovation to ensure our products excel not only in quality and performance but also in environmental responsibility. This isn't just a commitment to corporate responsibility; it's an effort to create a brighter world for the next generation.


Join us on this journey and support our mission for sustainable development. Let's unite for a greener cosmetic and better world! 💚🌏 

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