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Global Recycled Standard

GRS certified products meet thefair labor and environmental impact requirements of the GRS. * The traceability of producing and sales * Social responsibility * Environmental management * Chemical management system

Forest Stewardship Council®

We support the responsiblemanagement of the world's forestsby using fsc® certified paper. * Raises industry standards in forest management * Creates tangible economic benefits for your business * Creates stronger links between your business and your customers. * Protects forest ecosystems and helps fight climate change.


The "OK compost" certification is an internationally recognized standard that confirms the compostability of products. It is a label awarded to products that meet specific criteria and can be fully biodegraded in a composting environment. The certification ensures that the product will break down into non-toxic components, leaving behind no harmful residues. The "OK compost" certification provides assurance to consumers and businesses that the product is environmentally friendly and can be safely composted, contributing to the reduction of waste and the promotion of sustainable practices.

Cosmos Nature

The "COSMOS Nature" certification is a prestigious standard for natural and organic cosmetics. It is an internationally recognized label awarded to products that meet strict criteria for organic sourcing, environmentally friendly production, and respect for biodiversity. The certification ensures that the product contains a high percentage of natural and organic ingredients, with minimal processing and no harmful chemicals. It also requires adherence to sustainable practices throughout the entire supply chain, including packaging and labeling. The "COSMOS Nature" certification provides consumers with confidence that the product they are purchasing is genuinely natural and organic, promoting transparency and responsible choices in the beauty and personal care industry.

Regional State Prosecution Office

The RSPO(Roundtable Sustainable Palm Oil) is a nonprofitorganization that develops, implements, monitors andevaluates global standards for Sustainable Palm Oil andpromotes the production, procurement, financing and useof Sustainable Palm Oil products. Members of the RSPO run through the palm oil productionand supply chain, including stakeholders in seven sectorsof the palm oil industry.These include: oil palm growerspalm oil processors and traders, consumer goods producersretailers, Banks and investment institutions, environmentaland conservation ngos, social or development ngos.

Food And Drug Administration

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certification is a regulatory approval granted by the United States government agency responsible for ensuring the safety and efficacy of food, drugs, medical devices, and cosmetics. Products that obtain FDA certification have undergone rigorous testing and evaluation to meet the agency's standards for safety, quality, and effectiveness. This certification indicates that the product has met the necessary requirements and can be legally marketed and sold in the United States. The FDA certification instills confidence in consumers, assuring them that the product has met stringent regulatory standards and can be trusted for its safety and reliability.

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