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Candle Wax

The candle core is an important component of a candle and helps with the combustion process. They are usually made of materials such as cotton, wood, or a combination of both. Different wick types have different characteristics, enabling candle to achieve the desired effect.

Cotton Wicks

Cotton wicks for candles offer clean burning, efficient wax absorption, minimal mushrooming, ease of trimming, and versatility, making them a popular choice among candle makers.

Wooden Wicks

Wooden wicks for candles offer a unique crackling sound, a cozy ambiance, and a longer burn time compared to traditional cotton wicks.

Candle Lids

Wood Lid: Our custom aromatherapy candle with a wooden lid combines the natural beauty of wood with the soothing scent of our handcrafted candles. The wooden lid adds a touch of warmth and rustic charm, making it a perfect addition to your home decor. Metal Lid: Elevate your aromatherapy experience with our custom candle featuring a sleek and durable metal lid. The metallic finish adds a modern and luxurious touch to the candle, while also providing a secure seal to preserve the fragrance and extend the candle's shelf life. Ceramic Lid: Our custom aromatherapy candle with a ceramic lid exudes elegance and sophistication. The ceramic lid not only adds a decorative element to the candle but also acts as a heat-resistant and airtight cover, ensuring that your candle remains fresh and fragrant. Glass Lid: Experience the beauty of transparency with our custom aromatherapy candle topped with a glass lid. The glass lid allows you to showcase the exquisite design and color of the candle while keeping the fragrance intact. It provides a stylish and contemporary touch to your space. When personalizing your aromatherapy candle, you can choose the lid material that best suits your preferences and complements your desired aesthetic.

Part of Some Hot Fragrance for Customization

We have more than 10000+ fragrances for you to choose or customized according to your requirements.

Here Are Some Popular Fragrance Types

Who Do We Help

In providing a customized 1:1 service tailored to our client’s unique needs, we offer brands and conceptual products that align with their expectations and consumer demands.

Cosmetic Contract Manufacturing

Our turn key process is located completely onsite – formulation, manufacturing, design, printing and logistics. All products are manufactured to our client’s individual needs and requirements. The cosmetic manufacturing process is held to strict quality control guidelines.

Private Label & OEM ODM Skincare For Our Client

Take a look at our step-by-step process of cosmetics private labeling:

Project Management Software

We work with a highly transparent Project Management Software which will show you how far your project is every step of the way, giving you control to communicate directly to the team.

Unique Products

Our experienced formulator will help you to develop unique products that meet your exact individual requirements. For product tests and/or certifications, we are there to advise you and accompany your project.


We can offer packaging for any liquid, cream, powder or dry skin and hair care in plastic to glass to aluminium bottles, tubes, jars, pouches or sachets.

Skincare Manufacturing

Our production facility, with state-of-the-art technology, ensures consistent quality and sufficient production capacities on a scale of 500kg up to 3000kg run.

Delivery Date

To achieve flexible, fast, and stable delivery lead times, SOHO has established a comprehensive data system, Based on each customer's specific requirements, we develop expedited delivery solutions to ensure faster turnaround times.

Reliable Logistics

We can store your packaging and shipping cartons at our facility for your convenience. We cooperate with a reliable logistics company with national and international shipping methods.

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